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Buddha’s Hand carries a solid oriental background. Having been originally grown in India and China, the citron relative is believed to be among the four fruits that today’s citrus types have developed from. Moreover, it is thought to symbolize longevity, happiness, and good fortune especially as its lavender-like scent perfumes the home with its wonderful aroma.

In the cannabis industry, a strain of the same name exists. It is strongly citric in its smoke but with the same floral undertones as the famous Fingered Citron. And, although not a symbol, it is a positive mover of ‘Chi’ that leaves users feeling more upbeat as moods are enhanced.

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In developing the strain, Bodhi Seeds crossed its outstanding Snow Lotus with the citric Lemon Thai. From the latter, Buddha’s Hand gained its tranquilizing stress-crushing effects. Meanwhile, the latter improved upon its offspring’s head high as well as its terpene profile.

In the same way the inspiration
herb is used medicinally, Buddha’s Hand also eases various aches and pains
through its 1% CBD and up to 16% THC.

Information About Buddha’s Hand Strain

ORIGIN Lemon Thai and Snow Lotus
EFFECTS Focused – 10
Creative – 10
Happy – 10
Euphoric – 9
Tingly – 9
FRAGRANCE Citrus, sweet, fruity, lemon, floral
FLAVORS Sweet, lemon, pineapple, floral
Dry eyes – 10
Anxious – 1
MEDICAL Depression – 10
Fatigue – 8
Stress – 5
Cramps – 3
Lack of appetite – 3
THC CONTENT % 12% to 16%
CBD % 1%
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 16 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 16 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATE Warm climate
GROWTH LEVEL Easy to grow

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Like other Sativa-dominant strains, Buddha’s Hand is a fast-acting strain that delivers its psychedelic high. A euphoric buzz swarms the mind within minutes after the first two to three puffs. It clears away negativity and leaves one feeling cheery as users reminisce happy memories.

The mental clarity is also quite stimulating. It provokes thoughts by
creating a path for it to flow and form freely that sparks creativity. Along with
a heightened sense of motivation, users stay focused while completing tasks or
working on projects.

Buddhas Hand Strain Effects
Buddhas Hand Strain Effects – Image Powered by

A tingling sensation gradually erupts from the temples. Like lava, it
drips down to the rest of the body. Embracing each crevice is a soothing
sensation that removes tension from the muscles. It keeps the stimulated mind
from flying too high with its arresting physical effects.

In spite of the intense body high, it does not leave users
incapacitated. Instead, it provides ample energy as a morning or afternoon
treat even as it wanes away after a few hours.


Buddha’s Hand has a similar scent to the thorny citron it is named after. It is citric, sweet, and fruity. There is also a subtle undertone of lemon that intensifies once the buds are broken apart. Combusting the plant, however, releases its wild floral aroma that fills the room.


Drawing in Buddha’s Hand truly reveals the depth of its terpene profile.
Its smoke, for example, is sweet like ripened lemons and pineapple mixed
together. On the exhale, it leaves a floral aftertaste.

Adverse reactions

Getting bothered by Buddha’s Hand’s side effects is rare. After all, it
is mostly the usual case of dry eyes and a cottonmouth. Both are mild and often
go away on its own after a few hours. Still, users who experience discomfort
may down a few glasses of water throughout the day to keep the dryness away.

Although rare, it is also possible to feel a little anxious when using
Buddha’s Hand. It is usually the result of consuming beyond recommended or one’s
tolerance to THC as well as being prone to such effects. Thankfully, it is
easily avoidable through pacing and moderation.


From the palm of Buddha’s Hand is a reprieve that helps patients manage health
conditions through the combined effects of its cannabinoids. In fact, one of
its best uses is appeasing symptoms of mental issues like depression, PTSD, and
anxiety. In calming the mind, the Sativa-dominant strain also reduces stress levels
which can exacerbate depression, hypertension, and over exhaustion.

Buddhas Hand Strain Medical
Buddhas Hand Strain Medical – Image Powered by

The herb’s stimulating effects also make it the perfect ally for
fighting fatigue. It invigorates the body with its rush of energy while
soothing it through its muscle-relaxing properties. As such, Buddha’s Hand can
also be used as an analgesic that keeps the muscles from cramping and causing

Patients who are seeking to regain their appetite may find a solution in
Buddha’s hand. Apart from reviving lost energies, its Sativa-leaning qualities
also rekindle one’s craving for good food that fills the stomach.


Buddha’s Hand is a tall plant that, in spite of its lanky structure, stands strong against a myriad of environmental factors. It is particular resistant against humidity in that its less compact structure allows for better airflow. For this reason, moisture rarely develops into mold or mildew as it is dried immediately.

Buddhas Hand Strain Growing
Buddhas Hand Strain Growing – Image Powered by

However, it may need to be topped early. Otherwise, its height can
easily get out of hand while being cultivated inside growing spaces with
limited vertical space. At the same time, aspiring growers will have to bend
the strain. Although its wide intermodal spaces allow better airflow, it can
sometimes inhibit light distribution among the lower branches. This also calls
for pruning away dead parts of the plant as well as thinning it out to ensure the
rays from its main light source are spread evenly.

Because its origins stem from the Far East, the herb does best in
tropical settings. This is not to say it will not thrive in the colder areas of
the north. Rather, it may take a longer time to finish flowering. For this
reason, many opt for cultivating the strain indoors where it is easier to
adjust factors like lighting, temperature, and humidity.

Apart from its height, growers may have to worry about its pungency. A highly resinous plant, Buddha’s Hand can fill the room with the scent of its terpenes. While its zesty characteristic is not a problem to most, there will be others who prefer keeping a low profile. As such, it is best to have proper ventilation installed.

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At the moment, Bodhi Seeds only sells regular seeds of the Sativa-dominant strain. And so, aspiring growers will have to apply pre-germination methods and Low-Stress Training techniques to produce more females.

Flowering Time

Buddha’s Hand has an indoor flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. Once ready for harvest, it yields between 12 to 16 ounces of buds per square meter. However, it is not uncommon for the plant to produce more especially with a Screen of Green setup.

Garden grown Buddha’s Hand usually flowers in October, from the first to the last week. It yields at least 16 ounces of cured buds per plant during harvest.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Buddha’s Hand? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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