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Growing cannabis is no child’s play. It actually requires a lot of devotion and patience. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want all that hard work to go to waste at the time of harvesting, that’s just disappointing and sad. Therefore, it’s essential that you choose only the best trim scissors and a good trim tray to take care of your cannabis buds.

What are the best trim scissors, you may ask? Well, scissors that are easy to use, have a comfortable handle and don’t rust.

But don’t freak out looking at these requirements, for we have compiled a list of our favorite trim scissors. Just scroll down, and you’ll hopefully learn all the stuff you need to make a smart choice.


Best Trimming Scissors – Our Top 5 Picks

Here are our top six picks for the best trim scissors:

Image Product Reviews Check Price
best trim scissors Chikamasa B-500sf
Top Choice
check price
best trimming scissors Fiskars Micro-Tip Pruner
Also Top Choice
check price
best bud trimming scissors VIVOSUN 6.5″ check price
Hydroponic 2Pack Microtip Straight blade-Curved Hydroponic Straight & Curved Blade
Great Pack
check price
best pruning scissor Gonicc 8 check price


Plant Trimming Scissors Reviews


1. Chikamasa B-500sf with Fluorine Coating (Resin-resistant)

best trim scissors

Our top pick for the best trimming scissors is the Chikamasa B-500sf, a small pair of scissors with a total length of 155 mm. The scissors are designed with large ergonomic handles while their blades are manufactured from stainless steel. Along with that, the blades are covered with fluoride which makes them resistant to resin, as well as, providing smooth operation while trimming.  

These plant trimming scissors weigh only 45 grams and are super comfortable to work with. They become the ideal trimming scissors when you need precision in your trimming.

However, the only drawback these scissors have is that they’re too small as you can only trim one or two stalks at a time. So while these work great for the final trim, they might not be the best option when you need to trim a whole lot.



2. Fiskars Micro-Tip Pruner, Non-Stick Blades

best trimming scissors

The Fiskars 399211-1001 comes in at number three in our best trim scissors ranking. These scissors are specially designed for manicured cuts. These scissors are specially designed for manicured cuts with small blades, perfect for precise cuts as well as trimming and shaping of small plants. In addition to this, Fiskars are manufactured keeping trimming problems in mind. Consequently, for comfort, soft grip handles are used in place of the standard scissor handles.

It uses a spring-action, so you don’t have to use a whole lot of effort. The blades are coated to avoid resin build-up. Lastly, the product comes in a pack of two with blade covers for safety and a lifetime warranty.

The only issue that comes up with these scissors is that they’re a bit on the expensive side. However, with the results they provide, they’re completely worth it.



3. VIVOSUN 6.5″ Gardening Hand Pruner

best bud trimming scissors

The Vivosun trimming scissors come in at number four as the best bud trimming scissors. These scissors are super easy to use and work amazingly well to trim your cannabis plants. They are designed by using easy spring action which automatically pushes the scissors open. Thus, removing the need for you to exert force. This helps in the smooth operation of the hand pruner.

The blades for this particular product are around 6.5 inches long. The blades offer precision cuts and are made from stainless steel. All these factors work with coherence between each other to deliver top-notch services right in your hands.

The most noteworthy feature of these scissors is the lock it contains. The Vivosun hand pruner has a sideways locking mechanism which keeps the blades protected and closed when it’s not in use. Additionally, this product is truly inclusive as you can use both hands to use it.



4. Hydroponic 2Pack Microtip Straight & Curved Blade

Hydroponic 2Pack Microtip Straight blade-Curved

These trim scissors are perfect for those who get tired quickly. The soft grip handles, light weight, quick release spring, and sharp blades make the process easier and put less strain on your hands.

The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel that keeps their sharpness for a long time. As the come with long-lasting and high-quality pruning shears, they work for all your gardening needs.

You can use them with flowers, roots, and stems, without any problem. As it comes with a both curved and straight blade, you can easily get precise cuts even from hard to reach areas.



5. Gonicc 8″ Hand Pruners

best pruning scissor

So far in our list of the best trim scissors, we have mostly encountered scissors that are perfect for trimming and manicuring your plants. This product is no exception, but it does elevate things to a new level as is a professional hand pruner.

It is drop forged and constructed using premium titanium. Moreover, the blades are also finished off using an ultra-fine polishing technology. This makes the blades resistant to any sort of resin buildup. In addition to this, sap groove exists on these scissors which directs the resin away from your blades.

Gonicc has also addressed the comfort level of these trimming scissors. Handles are ergonomic with a non-slip grip that makes them easy to handle. What’s more, the pruners are super lightweight, therefore, very easy to work with. However, don’t be thrown off with their comfort levels. When it comes to strength, you can cut the diameter of around ¾ inches.

Some users have had contentions with the durability of this product, but most customers have been pleasantly satisfied.  



Scissor Fix, Cleans Sticky Scissors in Seconds

scissors cleaner

Last but not least, we have the Fix 704455 on the sixth rank as the best bud trimming scissors. We have seen before that if bud trimming scissors aren’t sharp and clean, they fail to deliver the desired results. However, with scissor fix, you get the cleaning material with the product. That too in a very easy and effective manner.

No need to spend hours or money on buying any cleaning stuff, all you need to do is to dip the scissors in the countertop display for a couple of minutes, and when you pull out, you get a blade that’ll look brand new. What’s more, the cleaning is done without any rusting or damage caused to the blades. However, blades that are really dirty may need to soak before employing this method.



Last Thoughts about the Best Trim Scissors

While looking for the best trimming scissors for trimming cannabis, you really want to go for an option that has smooth operation and is comfortable to work with. You surely don’t want to end up with hand cramps.

The trimmers listed above have all been tried and tested by customers, and they’ve emerged as the best ones (so far). Whatever trimmer you decide to buy, make sure they help retain the quality of your cannabis. Additionally, the blade should be sharp and be able to withstand the test of time, rust, and dirt.

And if you need to cut larger loads, read our article on the best trimming machines, manual, automatic and industrial.

Most of the options on our list have been selected keeping these points in mind but before you make any final decision, evaluate your needs, wants, budget and then decide.

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