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Aphria may have had its ups and down in the past 3 months, but with the addition of this new growing capacity it is poised to make a bigger impact on the Canadian cannabis market.

One of the biggest cannabis producers in Canada, Aphria, has just received approval and finalized the licensing procedures for their biggest facility.

Health Canada approved Aphria’s request for an expansion of its production capacity at the state-of-the-art facility in Leamington. The Leamington facility cost Aphria around $190 million CAD in total.

The facility is called Aphria One among the industry insiders and media personnel. The licensing approva will allow Aphria to start production in an additional 800,000 square feet which were licensed in the Stage IV and Stage V expansion.

A 250% increase in production capacity

The Aphria One facility was highly touted among the industry insiders as one of the most automatize and cannabis-profficient facilities in the world.

Aphria designed and built this facility for the specific purpose of growing low-cost cannabis as a part of their plans which were first made by its founders, Cole Cacciavillani and John Cervini.

Cervini is now the only surviving member of that line up as Cacciavillani and Neufeld left the company several weeks ago in the light of accusations that they lined their own pockets and made sub-par acquisitions abroad with insider knowledge.

The expansions made to the Aphria One facility enabled the company to increase its growing potential by an astonishing 250%.

“By this Friday, we will move swiftly to establish nearly 22,000 plants in the Part IV and Part V expansion, with an additional 12,000 plants added each week thereafter until we reach full crop rotation,” the company said.

The facility in Leamington now has a total production capacity of 110,000 kilograms of cannabis when in full crop rotation, according to the company.

A few months ago, Aphria announced that it also constructed a co-generation power plant that utilizes natural gas to generate electricity. This will substantially cut down on the use of power as all equipment would be able to switch between the electrical grid and the power co-generation equipment.

In its facility Aphria will employ multiple automated systems for heat and humidity control, trimming and debudding flowers, disposing of waste, transporting plants, etc.

Aphria is now among the few companies that have almost completely automatized some of their operations in the name of growing cheap weed, however there is a general trend in the industry where growers are turning back towards more organic ways of growing.

Is this something Aphria will in the future?

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