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Today, both the American and European cannabis scenes are more connected than ever, with companies constantly crossing the pond to start new commercial adventures beyond their usual borders. A good example of this is the seed company that we’re presenting exclusively in Europe, Aficionado French Connection, based in Mendocino (California) and with a long history and tradition with regard to cannabis breeding, which has led them to develop of some of the most sought-after genetics of the USA.

Aficionado French Connection, from Cali to Europe

Aficionado French Connection, from Cali to Europe

Origins of Aficionado States

As a result of the work done by several breeders from the Emerald Triangle area, including people like Mandlebrot – aka Ras Truth, who created the legendary Royal Kush line and other classics like The Truth, oil Spill or 707 Truthband – the origins of Aficionado date back to over 20 years. The founders of the company (Leo Stone and Professor Q) started their adventure in this beautiful area, which has a long tradition of cannabis cultivation and is formed by three counties: Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity.

The main aim of the guys at Aficionado is clear: to refine, stabilize and share some of the most coveted genetics in the Triangle area, thus developing some of the rarest and most exclusive cannabis strains on the market. Most varieties are sold in regular seed form, although we know that they’re developing some feminised seeds for the European market, which is much more used to this type of seeds.

The Emerald Triangle: Californian Cannabis & Tradition

Aficionado French Connection, top American strains in Europe

What happens when a company with the prestige and tradition of Aficionado joins a true hashish legend like Frenchy Cannoli? A wonder like Aficionado French Connection is born, the European branch of the American brand that arrives in Europe with a spectacular and exclusive collection of seeds. Frenchy Cannoli is one of the most renowned celebrities in the cannabis scene, who organizes hashish seminars in the most prestigious cannabis events around the world. In this way, the strains produced by AFC has passed the strict quality control of a true master of resin extractions!

We’ll take a look now at some of their most reputed strains, which we’ll be soon enjoying…we can’t wait!

The packaging of Aficionado French Connection is simply astounding

The packaging of Aficionado French Connection is simply astounding

Formula One F2 by Aficionado French Connection

This awesome hybrid combines the genetics of Black Lime Réserve and (Zkittlez x Long Valley Réserve BX1). Being a mostly Indica cross, the effect produced is relaxing and pleasant, besides having a growth pattern ideal for the SOG technique. However, one of the main traits of Formula One F2 is her fast bloom, around 8 weeks, and a truly unique flavour: a subtle mix of diesel, turpentine and mint notes with citric hints.

Pineapple Sorbet by Aficionado French Connection

In this case, we have a cross between The Rose Special (Zkittlez x Long Valley Royal Kush) and the renowned elite clone In The Pines, which took 5 awards at the 2016 Emerald Cup. Her vigorous growth makes her ideal for the SCROG method, while she only needs 9 weeks to complete the blooms stage. This mostly Sativa hybrid produces a clear and uplifting effect, with a very peculiar flavour: rotten pineapple, diesel and paint notes that provide a unique experience to the user. Without a doubt, you must give the Pineapple Sorbet a try!

The one and only Magnum Opus (Photo: @theenglishcut)

The one and only Magnum Opus (Photo: @theenglishcut)

Fruit Tartare by Aficionado French Connection

This variety combines the famous Zkittlez clone with top quality plants like In The Pines, Forbidden Fruit or their amazing Magnum Opus. She is ideal for LST, main-lining or pruning techniques, growing fast and vigorous especially in indoor cultivation. After a quick bloom for a mostly Sativa plant with these characteristics (8-9 weeks), Fruit Tartare produces truly rare aromas, difficult to describe, an awesome blend of citric notes (pineapple, lemon, mandarin) with guava and cherry hints. Simply unforgettable!

Fruit Flambé by Aficionado French Connection

On this occasion, the genetics combined are also Zkittlez, Forbidden Fruit and Magnum Opus, but this time crossed with the popular and amazing Purple Punch. Fruit Flambé is then a mostly Indica hybrid, and also one of the best producers from AFC, with yields around a gram per watt under artificial lighting. The scent and taste are peculiar, mixing floral (lavender, lilac) and candy notes, absolutely delicious. The effect is potent and psychedelic due to the high concentration of THC…not for beginners!

Rosso Corsa develops amazing purple colours

Rosso Corsa develops amazing purple colours

Rosso Corsa by Aficionado French Connection

Rosso Corsa is a mostly Indica variety, a hybrid between (Cherry Lime #4 x Chemdawg Special Réserve) and (Zkittlez x Long Valley Réserve BX1). Despite her Indica dominance, she grows vigorous and fast, with a remarkable stretch. The results when extracting trichomes are simply spectacular, while the effect produced is as relaxing as funny. The scent is very intense, reminiscent of ripe fruits.

Sorbet à l’Orange by Aficionado French Connection

To develop Sorbet à l’Orange, the guys at AFC used a Sangria plant from TGA Subcool and crossed it with their potent (Cherry Black #18 x Sorbetto) male. The resulting mostly Sativa strain is fast (around 60 days of bloom) and develops beautiful purple hues during the flowering stage. The scent and taste are fruity, reminiscent of marmalade and candy.

Fruit Flambé grown outdoors

Fruit Flambé grown outdoors

Spyrock Special Hashplant by Aficionado French Connection

In this case, we have a hybrid between Leo Stone’s own version of Chemdawg (Chemdawg Special Reserve) and a very special heirloom hash plant. Thus, Spyrock Special Hash Plant will delight all lovers of resin concentrates, also producing a very relaxing effect and really high yields. She needs around 8-9 weeks to be ready to harvest, and her characteristic scent combines fuel and chemicals notes.

Last but not least, remember that both Leo Stone and Frenchy Cannoli will be presenting their new seed company during the next Spannabis fair at Alchimia’s booth. If you want to chat with them, come visit us at booth 86 from 15 to 17 pm on 15, 16 and 17th March 2019 at the fair!

See you there!

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