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As the cannabis industry starts to come into its own and companies within the industry mature, several operators are finding that what didn’t matter yesterday now matters. Accurate and timely data and information makes a difference.  When many companies first started off their primary focus was compliance and just maintaining the necessary data to keep the doors open. However, as operations refined themselves and business grew the need for more control, visibility and timeliness arose and the software solutions that many companies signed up with at the beginning, to do the basics at a low cost, were no longer robust enough to scale with their growth. As a result many companies found themselves purchasing additional software to fill these growing gaps or having to explore integration options with their seed to sale provider. The problems with these pathways are, and always will be, how to ensure that the data is correct and timely updated between the two or more systems and the amount of effort needed to either build the integration or manually maintain all of the different software solutions. 

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