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20-year old Julia Middlebrook was recently granted a license to open a recreational cannabis sales shop in British Columbia. That is the 22nd license approved in B.C. since the legalization of marijuana started in Canada.

Canada currently has a little over 360 licensed or planned retail cannabis shops. This number is low in relation to demand and is divided unevenly between provinces. Some big provinces, such as Ontario, have just started giving out licenses recently. Western Ontario has issued only seven licenses for such a large region, and 25 have been given for the whole province. Alberta, on the other hand, has about a third of all weed shop licenses in Canada.

British Columbia has issued 22 recreational cannabis retail shop licenses since Canada’s legalization of marijuana in October 2017. The most recent license was issued last month to a 20-year old woman, Julia Middlebrook.

As Julia told Global News, the intricate application process didn’t really intimidate her. She applied for the license with the help from a bookkeeper, and the town of Creston approved it. She had large support from the town, financial and policy institutions, and her parents.

According to Cannabis Compliance Inc., a person applying for a cannabis retail store license in British Columbia needs to do the following:

  1. register their business in B.C.,
  2. buy or lease a location for the store prior to submitting the application,
  3. submit the application which consists of information about the applicant, store location, other licenses or applications for licenses, consent for security screening and financial integrity checks, and a declaration of any connections to federally licensed cannabis producers and license holders,
  4. pass the store inspection before being approved.

When submitting the application, the applicant needs to pay a certain fee for the application to be considered complete. The application fee in B.C. amounts to $7,500, and after the license is granted, the license holder needs to pay a few additional fees – $1,500 for the first-year license, $1,500 for the annual renewal, and a fee for the security screening which is still TBA.

The license allows the license holder to open up to eight retail cannabis stores.

Though the application process and the application fee didn’t intimidate Julia Middlebrook and her application process seems to have gone smoothly, there are many aspects of an application that can lead to rejection. For instance, a proposed recreational dispensary in Vernon was rejected recently due to the proximity of the intended store location to a seniors’ home.

It remains to be seen how many retail shops will open in Canada, but as many believe, the number of current stores is disproportionally low in relation to the country’s demand.

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