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Medical marijuana enthusiast?

My favorite plant is cannabis as well. So you like growing medical marijuana?

I say it enough. Growing medical marijuana is an art. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance. With it, all you require is a medical marijuana growers license.

Growing your own cannabis has a kick in itself. You can grow the
strain that suits you best, you can save up a lot of money and can control the
yield yourself. Okay, so when you are growing you need to make some decisions
like which method.


Okay so, basically hydroponic is a technique of growing medical marijuana without soil. This method has become really popular as it makes the buds grow bigger and faster. Here, the plant is grown in a nutrient-water solution rather than the nutrient-rich soil. So why is it preferred over other methods especially when you are planning to grow medical marijuana indoors.

  • Have to carefully give attention to the Ph levels in the soil.
  • May be unable to recycle soil.
  • Difficulty in determining the nutrients in the soil.
  • Susceptible to pests.

Go hydroponic to grow medical marijuana. Yes! Yes! That should be
the spirit. Growing indoors is always a big task. But hydroponics won’t take a
toll on the yield and growth of your favorite plant when grown indoors. Sooooo…Let’s
start farming then.

Here are some tips to grow medical marijuana with hydroponics

1. Clean Water:

One of the main constituent
of the hydroponic system is water. It is essential you start with clean and pH
neutral water. Ideally, the water circulating in the system should be of pH 7.
If the RO system is not there, distilled water can also be used. Many growers
neglect this and eventually, they don’t get the required yield and quality of
the product.

2. Sterilization is a Must!

Now, firstly to grow using
hydroponics you need to install a system. Here make sure you sterilize all the
equipment and tanks. If your pocket is falling short, you may skip this but the
thing is you eventually have to sanitize all the physical products to make sure
your plant doesn’t get affected by pathogens. So, make sure when you do your
budgeting, add several bottles of disinfectant. You do need to regularly use
them to save your plants from those little devilish creatures.

Marijuana Plants

3. Temperatures are Very Important

The temperature of the water flowing in the system is crucial. You need to be careful and make sure that your system doesn’t get affected by this. Ideally, the water should be about 65 F or 18 C to prevent any algae infestation and allow nutrient absorption.

So, when you are a grower,
you need to be very careful about various things. For a good yield, every small
detail matters. And these small details are what that turn your average yield
into a big one. Along with water temperature, try and maintain the air
temperature of about 75 F or 24 C in your farm room.

4. Ventilation, Keep the Air Flow

Keeping your plant healthy requires some basic strategies. One of the most important is keeping the air moving around the plant. Use fans, mount them or place them so that they do not obstruct the plant but provide them with good air flow. These may seem basic but when it comes to growing plant indoors, these play a very significant part in the quality and yield of your product.

5. Seed Source: Make Sure you Grow the Variety you Need

You put in all your time
and sweat into growing your favorite plant. Use hydroponics to get more yield
and better growth. But still, your plant fails to give a good product. This
could be really disheartening. Especially when you have spent weeks to grow the
plant. Therefore it is important to find good quality strains to grow.

You cannot do anything when
the genetics of the plant is weak. Always buy seeds from a reputed source and
turn that seed into a beautiful plant that it is.

6. Lighting is Crucial

So there are a number of lighting options you could choose from. The type of lighting source you choose depends on the space you have at your disposal. Like High-Intensity Lights are good for large rooms while Compact Fluorescent Lights are good for smaller spaces. Ideally, you need 400-700 nm of light to grow your plant efficiently.


 7. Make Notes, Data it´s Very Important

Get yourself a good pen and a pad. It is important to keep the records of the learning you take when you grow cannabis. The thing is this helps you learn more. It will help in keeping track with the progress of your plant and maintain the levels of temperature, humidity, EC levels etc.  

So, are you looking to turn your room, wardrobe, or any space into a medical marijuana farm? These tips could definitely come in handy. Save up your hard-earned money with growing medical marijuana for your treatment. Get on then. Hydroponics is the way to go. Build the system and start growing!

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