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There are many reasons why edibles are great. As with other methods of consuming cannabis, edibles come with many advantages. Here are some you should keep in mind when comparing this to other methods of consumption.

1 – Edibles are discreet

Sharing a joint or a bong among friends is a great experience. It’s nice to be together and share that moment, enjoy getting baked together. However, you won’t always be in friendly territory. When you are traveling, have visitors, or are spending time with friends or family, the smoke and smell associated with lighting a joint might be the last thing you want.

For those scenarios, edibles are very convenient. They come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. From gummy bears to chocolate bars, you can even get cannabis jam and ice cream. You can also buy — or make — incredibly potent edibles, which allow you to get very high without having to carry large amounts of weed with you. Just be careful of how you store them; the last thing you want is for a friend to get high on your supply by accident.

2 – Edibles get you high longer

One of the downsides of edibles is just how long it takes for them to hit. Depending on your system and on what you ate, an edible might take as long as an hour to get you high. If you are looking for something that can get you through a boring business meeting, you’ll need to plan in advance exactly when you’ll eat the edible.

That delay is because something you eat needs to start being digested before it hits your bloodstream. However, digesting weed does have an advantage. As a result of the slow march of digestion, edibles get high a lot longer as your body keeps breaking the edible and getting more doses of cannabis into the system. A good edible might make you high for as long as six hours without the need to redose.

3 – Edibles are healthy

Cannabis is quite a healthy food. Like most leafy green foods, it’s rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. You can make yourself cannabis tea, or add raw cannabis to different meals in order to make them healthier. If eaten raw, the THC in cannabis is not active, meaning you can get a weed salad without getting high at all.

On top of that, edibles are also healthier than many other methods of consuming marijuana. You may have heard a lot about how smoking marijuana is healthy or how vaping is safe. The truth is a bit more complicated. While smoking a joint is safer than smoking a cigarette, smoke is still smoke. Combustion produces carbon monoxide, and that’s not a good thing to inhale.

Vaping, on the other hand, was widely advertised as safe, but the truth is a bit more complicated. Since it’s a new trend, there’s been little research on the dangers of vaping, and what research there is indicates some dangers with the practice. Vaporizing cannabis oil, for example, sends vaporized Vitamin E into your lungs, which can cause serious damage over time.

In comparison to all that, edibles are very safe. The biggest risk involved is getting higher than intended by accident, or getting fat by eating too many delicious cannabis treats. You can also make yourself CBD edibles and enjoy many of the benefits described above. If you haven’t tried CBD yet, you should visit this site.

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