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In this new way of life that we are all experiencing right now, and people are starting to get back to this ‘new’ normal, uptight, and anger might be more prevalent in your personal space.  Is this happening to you?  Or have you see this happen to others? Similar unfortunate events like an earthquake, tsunami, or accident may happen to a lot of people but the way we respond to them may not be the same. Our experiences though similar are unique to each of us. Some may respond well and move on without much concern, but some may react poorly to situations. They may blame other people or even God for that matter. They may even go as far as destroying objects, hurt animals and/or people.

Having little control over their hurt feelings and anger, their extreme emotions may manifest as high blood pressure, heart attack, or even stroke. Being explosively angry most of the time will eventually take a toll on health. Here are 10 ways that can help anyone to control their anger:

1. People Cannot Stay Too Angry Alone So Let Them Be

If you see anyone very angry and they storm out of the house in a fit of rage, allow them enough time and space to calm down. Never engage or talk to them if their emotion is still high. Do not answer them back if they are starting an argument. Chances are, you will never win even if your statement is reasonable. Talk to them once their anger has subsided. Be patient.

2. Let Them Reflect On Their Angry Feeling

Once their anger has subsided, let them think if they are getting any benefit from being angry and blaming others. If they figure that getting angry is not productive, they may be more prepared and not get angry next time. Remember, there is no long-term benefit in being angry.

3. Practice Patience

Do you easily get angry when stuck in traffic? Those who are also stuck in traffic with you also do not want to be there. If you are starting to feel anger, think ahead if there will be any good in further escalating the situation by blowing your horn and agitating others around you. Patience or being still is a very simple solution to some. There is no doubt that patience is a great virtue.

4. Talk To The Person-in-Charge

Let’s say you’re standing in line at the bank counter and it’s taking too long. You are getting frustrated and want to shout or criticize the inefficiency service at the counter. Instead of acting out, approach the staff or manager and let them know of your problem with their service. Do this in a calm and reasonable way. Try to understand why they cannot provide an efficient service the way you want. They may be short-staffed or just having an off day.

5. Accept That Some Things May Not Be Fixed

In some cases, even if you complain or express your dissatisfaction of a service, there may be no remedy available or the system is exceedingly difficult to change. Take for example visa, immigration application or even the DMV. There are just rigid systems in place that are not meant to be easy. When faced with such situations, focus on what you can do. Accept that there are things you cannot control.

6. Be Prepared To Lose People If You Stay Angry

Always being angry is not good for relationships. Family or friends may tolerate your outburst at first, but they will get tired of it. Your relationships may go from bad to worse. Ask yourself if it is ok to lose people around you just so you can express your anger and disappointment to them. Is it okay to be angry for a little while and ruin a lifelong relationship? If the answer is no, then you better learn to control your anger and treat them better.

 7. Accept That Nothing Is Perfect

No system in this world is 100 percent perfect. You may think that you are 100% perfect and that other people are imperfect. If this is your way of thinking, then other people will always fall short of your expectations and you’ll easily feel frustration. You cannot make things or people better by being angry. You just have to accept the reality that things may go wrong, and that people will sometimes let you down. It is part of being human.

8. Try Changing Your Attitude

Try putting yourself in the place of the person you are angry with. Try to understand their situation as well. If you think you are right and he or she is wrong, think again. Being right or wrong is subjective. How you see things may not always be right.

9. Think of Karma

There is a chance that no one will tell you that they are dissatisfied with your attitude. They may not get back at you or confront you, but your own angry feelings will punish you sometime in the future. You may experience mental punishment through regret and then physical punishment through illness.

10. Avoid Showing Anger to Fix Things or Make People Agree With You

If you’re making a habit of being angry so you can get the results you want, correct that behavior. Sooner or later, people will figure you out and no longer listen or cooperate with you.

Conclusion: In the end, you need to control anger.  Taming your anger is challenging. Anger is not a healthy emotion. You need to realize that uncontrollable anger may ruin your health, career, and relationships. It may make you do things that you will regret. If these methods do not work for you, it may be wise to seek professional help.

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